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About Z5

Dedicated to helping healthcare providers use expiration avoidance to meet their savings goals. 

Z5 Inventory

We're not just an app or a website obsessed with piggy banks.

Founded in 2015 with the goal of improving the physical inventory valuation process, we began Z5 Inventory by enabling hospitals to count their on-hand medical and surgical supplies via a mobile app and online dashboard. 

As our company has grown, so has our mission. 

Product expiration costs U.S. health care providers $5 Billion annually. We're here to help them reduce that number to $0. 

Each healthcare facility can reach its expiration avoidance goals through a combination of software, staffing, and logistics services, and our AI-backed Z5 Inventory Platform optimizes the plan for each. 


Want to see how we've done it before? 

See How Z5 Saved $16 Million From Expiration
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