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Z5 Reallocate

Meet your expiration avoidance goals by completing your normal inventory management tasks.

colored chiclets revealing boxes of medical supplies marked not to be thrown in the trash

Optimize Your Inventory And Save

Up to 30% of every healthcare provider's on-hand inventory will expire before it can be used. 

Most providers' finance and supply chain departments are stretched for time and resources as it is, so they don't have any to spare on identifying their excess, let alone turning it into a savings opportunity. 

Z5 Reallocate identifies your excess supplies before they can expire using proprietary, AI-backed analytics. 

Then we help you move, sell, and donate that excess to maximize the value you get from the supplies you've already bought. 

Steward Health Care used Z5 Reallocate to optimize their inventory and achieve a savings of more than $16 Million. 


See How Z5 Saved $16 Million From Expiration

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supplies you need between your facilities according to a logistics plan optimized by AI-backed analytics.

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supplies other providers need on the secondary market without the trouble of maintaining your own marketplace.  



supplies you don't need to disadvantaged communities around the world to broaden the good you do.