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We value exceptional people doing exceptional work to support the healthcare industry.

Work At Z5 Inventory

Our organization is passionate about changing the face of healthcare. We are on a mission to help you clean up the healthcare supply chain and crush your annual savings goals. 15-30% of all hospital inventory is considered slow and excess, and we know someone who needs it even if you no longer do. Most slow and excess inventory will expire and be thrown out, creating billions in waste annually across the country. We provide opportunities for hospitals to move, sell, and donate their excess inventory, thereby reducing the cost burden on you, the provider, and ultimately the individual.

Z5 Inventory is a company dedicated to achieving extraordinary results for our customers. Our name is a reflection of our core values.


Available Positions

Are you looking for a job with growth potential and advancement? A career in healthcare that can make a real difference in people’s lives? Z5 has a variety of job openings available throughout the United States, including our headquarters in Austin, Texas.