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Product Discovery

Find out exactly where every product is on all your shelves. 

The most accurate inventory data is always the most up-to-date.

Sometimes inventory gets out of your control – or comes to you from a location you never controlled. Hospital M&A in particular makes merging massive datasets more common (and more of a pain). 

So start at the very beginning. Assess what you have on your shelves (and remove expired product as you go) to start making strategic choices about your clinical or pharmacy inventory. 

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Identify exactly what you want.

  • Whether you need to address a storage room or every shelf across an entire health system, you can capture supply data quickly with the Z5 Inventory Platform. 


Identify exactly what you need.

  • The immediately available, automatic analytics provided in the online dashboard will make higher-level inventory management practices – like preventing product expiration – a breeze. 
  • But you have to have accurate inventory data first. 


See How Z5 Helps Hospitals Valuate Inventory In 1 Day

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