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A cartoon pig scans a prescription bottle bar code with the Z5 app using a mobile device

Improve Your Medical Device Inventory

Count your implantables – and anything else you want – quickly, and analyze your data for savings opportunities. 

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Save More With Your Inventory Process Than Just Time

We're talking about money. Although you will definitely save a lot of time, too. 

  • Include pictures of your devices and kits to see what needs replenishment. 
  • Tag inventory with location data to complete counts & in-app audits more quickly. 
  • Upload device data instantly via the cloud to monitor inventory levels remotely. 

Z5 Inventory's mobile app makes counting medical devices on any mobile device as simple as scanning the barcode and entering a quantity. 

Not barcoded? No problem. Search for the product in the item master loaded into the app, or enter all the details yourself. Customize the data to meet your exact needs. 

All the device specs that pop up in the app can be edited in any way that makes your inventory experience easier. Add pictures and descriptions of the exact storage location, as well as the device itself. 

Conduct both counts and audits in-app quickly and reduce the time spent on inventory, the staff needed to count, or both. 

Then use the data you've captured to uncover savings opportunities. 

  • Take advantage of in-app accuracy checks to flag potential miscounts.
  • Record expiration dates so you can identify what product is headed for expiration.
  • Analyze your inventory to see where you ought to reallocate your devices to maximize usage. 

See how much of your time and budget you could save.


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