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The Z5 Team

Unbeatable experience and familiarity with healthcare, supply chain, and the software that makes both function smoothly.

headshot of Carl Natenstedt, CEO

Carl Natenstedt

Chief Executive Officer

Favorite Breakfast: 
Potato, egg, & cheese breakfast taco from Texas Honey Ham.


headshot of Shane Pratt, CRO

Shane Pratt

Chief Revenue Officer

Favorite Olympic Sport:
Ping pong. But only until they finally bring dodgeball to the Olympics. 


headshot of Brandon Burris, CTO

Brandon Burris

Chief Technology Officer

Favorite 90s TV Show: 
Saved By The Bell.


headshot of Mike Dealy, CFO

Mike Dealy

Chief Finance Officer

Favorite Snake: 
Hate 'em all!


headshot of Curtis Detrich, VP Operations

Curtis Detrich

Vice President, Operations & Client Services

Favorite Out-Of-Business Business: Tower Records.







chiclet-Z5 team

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