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A cartoon pig scans a prescription bottle bar code with the Z5 app using a mobile device

Optimize Your Pharmacy Inventory

Count your pharmacy quickly and analyze your data for savings opportunities. 

A prescription pill bottle is spilling capsules onto a surface

Get More From Your Pharmacy Data

Capture expiration dates so you get more from the pharmacy product you don't need. 

Do you want to count with your own staff or outsource?

Do you want to count each pill or estimate quantities? 

Is your pharmacy independent or part of a hospital network? 

No matter your situation, we think your pharmacy count ought to be as convenient and offer as much insight as possible. 

Z5 Inventory's mobile app makes counting as simple as scanning the product's barcode and entering a quantity using any counting method you prefer. 

Capture expiration dates so you can identify what product is headed for expiration. Analyze your inventory to see how much you could get back by returning your expired supplies or reallocating your excess before it expires. 

See how much of your time and budget you could save.


See How Z5 Counts Pharmacies

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