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The Z5 Inventory blog is brought to you by the geniuses behind Count, Reallocate, Buy, which saves hospitals money at every step of your inventory's lifecycle.
Find out how to solve healthcare's $5 Billion inventory waste problem today. Then get back to the ridiculous gifs we found this week. 

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Service Outages: An Industry Problem That Z5 Has Never Experienced


Shortages. Stoppages. Service unavailability in your area. These are problems that Z5 doesn't face. See why in this guide to evaluating a reliable solution provider.

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How Healthcare Providers Set Themselves Up To Fail


So you tried to improve your healthcare supply chain. How did that go?

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Topics: inventory valuation, supply chain management, innovation, disruption, communication, healthcare inventory, lowering healthcare costs, healthcare data, hospital logistics, healthcare supply chain, inventory optimization, collaboration, medical supply procurement, loss and expiration avoidance, risk analysis, predictive analytics

The Key To Effective CFO-Supply Chain Collaboration | Five To Save


Consider something that might seem counterintuitive: it can actually be respectful to withhold certain data from others in your healthcare organization.

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Topics: selling medical inventory, supply chain management, five to save, excess inventory, healthcare inventory, top 5 list, buying medical supplies, inventory optimization, collaboration, loss and expiration avoidance, risk analysis, risk assessment, hospital departments, interdepartmental, financial risk, business advice

Your Hospital's Hallways Are About To Become A Lot Emptier | Five To Save


Supply shortages and vaccine mandates are making healthcare employees feel unsafe. If they leave their jobs - and possibly the healthcare field overall - their hospitals will be even more strapped for resources, and their communities will be more unsafe.

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Topics: selling medical inventory, supply chain management, five to save, communication, shortages, buying medical supplies, labor, expiration, coronavirus, ppe, covid-19, vaccines, medical supply chain tracking software, collaboration, loss and expiration avoidance

How To Make A Healthcare Initiative Successful (Spoiler: It's Collaboration) | Five To Save


Say you want to train everyone at a hospital on a best practice or keep them informed on what you're doing so that they can help. You probably won't succeed if you keep your ideas to yourself.

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