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The Z5 Inventory blog is brought to you by the geniuses behind Count, Reallocate, Buy, which saves hospitals money at every step of your inventory's lifecycle.
Find out how to solve healthcare's $5 Billion inventory waste problem today. Then get back to the ridiculous gifs we found this week. 

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Announcing: The 2022 Outstanding Healthcare Inventory Awards


We've got gold piggy banks to give away to the best and most innovative supply chains in the country.

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Hospitals 'May Need New Ways To Measure Success' | Five To Save


It's another research-survey-study data roundup this week. And because we sifted through the publications for you, it's 100% relevant.

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Topics: physical inventory count, inventory management software, five to save, visibility, disruption, survey data, healthcare inventory, natural disasters, shortages, drug shortages, healthcare data, labor, inventory optimization, supply chain resiliency, supply chain innovation, medical supply shortages, healthcare research, hospital industry studies

Five To Save | Follow The Leaders | July 2, 2018


If you're leading your pack, can't you still learn from other people leading theirs?

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