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Five To Save | Competition, Adaptation, Security - What Worries You Most?

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Are your biggest threats banging down your doors or coming from inside the house? 

We may have moved past what we officially knighted The Year Of Fear, but that doesn't mean we're done being afraid. Even if you're prepared for the big problems that are looming over the horizon (Amazon, anyone?), there's always something new popping up - another challenge that you never knew you needed to be worried about (Washington is doing what now?). 


Here are some ugly monsters that popped their heads up recently (and how we can send some of them back under the bed): 

  1. Cost is going up. Prices are going up. There's no denying that. So now we have to decide to take responsibility instead of pointing fingers at everyone else
  2. Healthcare pros like you ranked their biggest concerns are at the moment, and consolidation took the top spot. (Especially if hospitals are rushing into M&A.)
  3. Remember a year ago how worried we all were about Amazon entering healthcare? Here's the update on what they've been doing. And the good news is... it's not enough that we need to be worried. Yet.
  4. In the race to keep up with the Amazons of the world, you're probably wanting the freshest, most reliable solutions. So what's holding medical devices back
  5. Are you concerned (like we are) with the ethics of your supply chain? Here's a detailed resource to make sure that you act, instead of just thinking about it. 


As we've said before, fear is a great motivator. You don't want to get left behind? Take these resources and start moving.

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