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Five To Save | Follow The Leaders | July 2, 2018

The Z5 piggy bank watching sheep herding on TV.If you're leading your pack, can't you still learn from other people leading theirs?

We've talked before about non-healthcare companies entering the healthcare sphere and all the potential foibles that come with a jump like that. And while it's easy to take that to the extreme - ignoring non-healthcare companies, because what do they know about healthcare - should we dismiss other industries wholesale?

You know the answer.

It turns out there's lots we can take from the leaders of other fields, the people who have made their companies and industries more efficient and more exemplary. 

  1. UPS is getting into the medical device game. (If you don't think you could learn anything from one of the most efficient distribution companies on the planet, we'd love to hear about what you're doing.)
  2. General Motors has put a lot of effort into creating a "supplier code of conduct" that improves sustainability and corporate responsibility.
  3. And how can make sure your supplies are created, shipped, and used responsibly? Visibility, visibility, visibility.
  4. An example closer to home: see how Mercy Health streamlined and standardized the procurement process.
  5. If everything above hasn't spelled it out enough for you, here's a five-step plan to strengthening the healthcare supply chain.


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Headline photo by Z5.

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