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Z5 Inventory is on a mission to help healthcare providers avoid unnecessary expense due to product expiration.  The company offers a range of software and services powered by the Z5 Inventory Platform to conduct medical supply inventories and identify slow and excess product to reallocate it before it expires.

Five To Save | It's Cyber Monday. Is Your Tech Up To Speed? | Nov. 26, 2018


The Z5 Piggy Bank Decodes The Matrix of Cyber Monday Nonsense.

Sorry we don't have any TVs on sale for $5. But we do have some words of wisdom for free.

It's Cyber Monday 2018. So we thought we'd pass along these tips about cyber infrastructure in your hospitals. 

We won't delay you anymore. Read these five articles quickly so you can get back to deal-hunting. 

  1. You've got important tasks for your medical devices. You probably don't want them hijacked into cryptomining
  2. Google is almost certainly working on an advanced AI offering for healthcare. No big surprise. 
  3. But there are some things that AI can't do. That's where the human touch comes in
  4. Thinking about implementing a new solution? We talked about the right way to do it last week. But here's an example of the wrong way
  5. This isn't strictly-speaking computing technology, but you should still know: the way instruments are sanitized might be about to change. And that could mean major disruption for you. 

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