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Five To Save | The Companies, Legislation, and Lobbies You Should Watch Out For | Oct. 8, 2018

The Z5 Piggy Bank Is Drowning In Product.

Some of the big players you already know. But we guarantee you don't have your eye on one. 

You've got enough to worry about in your facilities, so it's easy to tell the rest of the world "Hold on a second!" till things slow down. But things don't ever slow down. And the world has this really annoying habit. It doesn't listen when you tell it what to do. 

The big companies are getting bigger. Laws governing how people will interact with healthcare are getting passed. And the shape of the trade organizations and lobbies that are in your corner are changing. Here's how:

  1. There are so many healthcare mergers that even we're tired of talking about it. But United buying Genoa is an interesting step into the future.
  2. And sometimes what you have to worry about isn't companies getting bigger but smaller. GE is spinning off the gigantic - gigantic - GE Healthcare into its own company
  3. Maybe hospitals are banding together because of the extremely tight margins of profit in healthcare, revealed by this study.
  4. But the good news on the supply chain side is the reorganization of the organization now known as the Associate for Supply Chain Management. (And they're already fielding a grant to improve the supply chain in Africa.)
  5. That legislation we've been talking about? Sure, it could be the opiod bill or one of several others in the U.S., but it's not. We've been keeping our eyes on what's happening with universal healthcare in India

BONUS: While we're in India, you can take some pointers from how a group is training the families of hospital patients to get involved with their care.


(Yes, we cheated. We gave you more than five articles. Don't like it? Write your congressman.)

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