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The Z5 Inventory blog is brought to you by the geniuses behind Count, Reallocate, Buy, which saves hospitals money at every step of your inventory's lifecycle.
Find out how to solve healthcare's $5 Billion inventory waste problem today. Then get back to the ridiculous gifs we found this week. 

New Tech Trends Changing The Healthcare Industry During COVID-19


It’s typical for improvements to the healthcare industry to be filed under “wouldn’t that be nice,” but being on the front line of the coronavirus crisis has bumped up some technological improvements to “how do we get that implemented yesterday.” We’ve once again teamed up with our friends at Career Karma to examine a few tech trends changing the healthcare industry, particularly with regard to COVID-19 response.

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5 Questions That Will Show You A Tech Vendor's Quality


You can't know everything about every emerging technology. But you can know how to evaluate a new tech vendor.

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