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Five To Save | You Have The Power! Redefine Your Bottom Line | May 28, 2018


The Z5 piggy bank helps Man-At-Arms defeat Skeletor.

You've got more in common with He-Man than you may think.

Sure, you're good-looking and constantly battling the forces of evil - in the forms of product expiration, outdated practices, and constantly-shifting data - but, just like Prince Adam, you should lift your fist into the air and shout: "I HAVE THE POWER!"

Why? Because, no matter where you are in your organization, you have the power to find out what's not working and - more importantly - change it. This Five To Save is all about empowering you to realize what changes you can make that will better your healthcare providers financially and ethically.

  1. Completely shifting your focus from expenses to margins might not be easy, but what's necessary usually isn't.
  2. And once you've found where you can create some savings, the quickest way might be shaking up your contracts.
  3. We've talked a lot about Amazon's business, but not how it does business. Is your inventory system using the Amazon approach or the Whole Foods approach?
  4. Ask yourself, reading the most over- and underwhelming announcements from HLTH 2018, "Which of these businesses can help me? Which businesses can I try to copy?"
  5. One of the most direct ways you can make positive change is to use apps to optimize your inventory management. Gee, WHO COULD POSSIBLY HELP WITH THAT...

Oh, right. It's us. Just like you, Z5 is constantly looking to the future. That bright horizon where product expiration isn't a threat anymore. 

Or Skeletor. Same thing, really.


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Headline photo by Z5. Thanks to Outlaw Moon Games & Toys for loaning us the Man At Arms and Skeletor for the picture.

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