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Five To Save | Comparing Apples And... Tomatoes? | Apr. 30, 2018


The Z5 piggy bank compares apples to tomatoes.

Amazon's out! Or are they?

After all the hubbub surrounding Amazon getting into healthcare, we had a bit of a rollercoaster this week with their announcement that they were abandoning their plans to distribute pharmaceuticals. 

  1. Here are the essentials on that Amazon bow-out.
  2. But don't feel too comfortable yet. Your supply chain could have lots to learn. From... tomatoes?
  3. Some of the improvements you might want to consider include RFID and "smart cabinets."
  4. And it never hurts to improve your benchmarking. (Gee, what possible way could there be to get better data on your inventory...)
  5. Have all the changes and pressures in the healthcare industry stressed you out? You're not the only one.

BONUS: Here's some inventory management advice from Tim Cook. (Look, we had to sneak Apples in there somewhere...)


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