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Whiplash In Policy And Procurement Wears Healthcare Pros Out | Five To Save

the Z5 Piggy Bank is stressed out like many healthcare workers but we can provide more support for both

The news changing constantly isn't anything - if you'll pardon the phrase - new. But that's a big part of what's contributed to healthcare worker burnout in the last couple of years. How do we fight that?

It's up to us to improve the environment where we and our coworkers spend most of each day. Part of doing that is staying informed, as frustrating as that can be. Part of that - in our case - is using lighthearted GIFs. 

Another week, another round of stories about the topics nearest and dearest to our heart: healthcare and the supply chain. 


1. A survey of healthcare workers in varying communities and professions put into writing what we've all been telling each other for a while: mental health among healthcare pros is currently what we'd call "not great."  

2. Next we say the same thing we always say when we encounter survey and study results: "OK, so what do we do about that?" According to the Harvard Business Review, the key to combating burnout should start with improving worker safety before trying to increase employee engagement

3. Part of the wear on those of us in the healthcare field - along with everyone else - is the whiplash of rapidly changing and often conflicting news. On the one hand, even though 97% of US counties are experiencing "high transmission," the CDC is considering revising its mask guidelines. Meanwhile in China, a restrictive "zero COVID-19" strategy could lead to further supply chain disruption

4. That makes it difficult to put into place the advice to prevent emergency sourcing becoming the norm. What seems more likely is long-term investments in and partnerships with suppliers so that they can more quickly relocate or shift manufacturing. 

5. That only solves the sourcing-level problem. Misalignments in patient communication and internal priorities will still lead to overstocking in healthcare facilities. We can see this most recently in excess COVID-19 antivirals on hospital shelves


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