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$16 Million in Medical Supply Expiration Avoidance

Z5 Reallocate image with totes filled with medical supplies


Steward Health Care prevented more than $29 Million from expiration and achieved more than $16 Million in savings. 

At every hospital in the country, as much as 30% of the medical and surgical supplies on the shelves will expire before they can be used. 

By partnering with Z5 Inventory to identify both their excess and the most cost-effective ways to transform it from a loss into savings, Steward Health Care was able to:

  • move supplies between facilities according to need.
  • sell product on the secondary market. 
  • donate a massive amount to communities in need. 

See how by downloading our case study today. 


And learn how this same industry-leading technology can be used to conduct everyday inventory tasks like: 

  • cycle counts

  • pharmacy counts

  • expiration sweeps

  • and more

We're extremely proud of this significant savings that we can transform into better, more cost-effective care for our communities.

Michael Prokopis, Sr. Supply Chain & Operations Executive, Steward Health Care

Download the Case Study