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What The 5 in Z5 Stands For - Our Core Values

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Core values are present in every corporate culture, whether they’re intentional or not. Which is why, at Z5 Inventory, we built our 5 Core Values right into our name.

One of the Z5ers you might already know and love - Ajay - recently had to work on an academic assignment about corporate values. That seemed as good a reminder as any that we ought to bring some more attention to what we believe are the most fundamental aspects of working for - and alongside - Z5.


Healthcare Focus

We don’t just service hospitals. We serve in them. Z5 is made up of people - from the c-suite to the interns - who know how hospitals function. We’ve spent time in OR cores and PAR shelves. We’ve counted syringes one by one and loaded pallets on the dock.

When you partner with Z5 Inventory, you’re partnering with a company that’s been involved with hundreds of physical inventory counts across the country. We know how healthcare’s supply chain has always worked. We know the best way to push it forward.



Providing an excellent product is good (see below), but it isn’t enough. Z5 is dedicated to doing the right thing. Our mission is to reduce the waste in healthcare’s supply chain to zero. That’s not just good for the customer - reducing the cost of care - it’s good for the planet - reducing the amount of waste in landfills. 

We monitor the medical and surgical supplies available on our Z5 Buy marketplace against expiration, recall, or any other defect. Even after sale. Can you say the same for all the vendors you work with? Can you say it for any of them?



Compare our dedication to quality with the competition - or the same old methods you’ve always been using - and see which excels.

Many of our offerings are guaranteed to save you money. If you don’t save more than you spent, you don’t spend anything. If you buy supplies from that don’t meet your high standards, send them back. We’re more interested in providing excellent products and service to healthcare providers than we are to saving a buck.  


Ease of Use

We’ve worked hard to make sure the Z5 mobile app functions as smoothly and intuitively as possible. And we’re constantly improving it to make sure that we incorporate your suggestions - improving the inventory experience and fitting the App to the way you manage your inventory - so that all our partner hospitals benefit. 

As an example of our dedication to making things easy for you: the point of clearing out a hospital’s slow-moving and excess medical supplies is to save that hospital money, time, and effort. As soon as that process becomes a burden, we’ve failed. Which is why Z5 Reallocate professionals are ready to do all the hard work of identifying exactly where that likely-to-expire product is, then picking, packing, and shipping it to destinations where it will be used.


Customer Experience

So the company has good ideals. Fine. The products are good. Okay. But none of that matters if the interactions you have with that company aren’t positive, empowering, and collaborative.

That’s why we have dedicated project managers who will guide you through every step of your count or reallocation. We have product specialists ready to help you buy new medical and surgical supplies to fill out those pristine shelves. And we have support available by phone and email 24 hours a day.


We’ve got our 5 Core Values. What are yours?


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