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The Z5 Inventory blog is brought to you by the geniuses behind Count, Reallocate, Buy, which saves hospitals money at every step of your inventory's lifecycle.
Find out how to solve healthcare's $5 Billion inventory waste problem today. Then get back to the ridiculous gifs we found this week. 

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If It's Inventory, You Should Manage It: How To Improve Your Hospital Supply Chain


This is a surprisingly controversial statement - particularly within healthcare providers - but we stand by it: supply chain management should be managing all supplies. Here’s why…

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Is The Healthcare Industry Recession-Proof? | Five To Save


Is your supply chain stable? Are healthcare providers immune to Betteridge's Law? These and other questions answered by this blog (and your common sense).

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What Grocery Store Innovation Does Healthcare Supply Chain Use Every Day?


This week marked the forty-second birthday of a technology without which modern healthcare would be impossible.

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Topics: technology, reallocation, inventory management software, healthcare inventory, hospital logistics, healthcare supply chain, medical supply chain tracking software, new platform, inventory optimization, loss and expiration avoidance, medical devices, pharmacy inventory, supply chain innovation, scanning, grocery stores, barcodes, mobile inventory management, scanning devices, inventions, gs1

Healthcare Can Mitigate Disaster If We've Prepared For It | Five To Save


Whether you're in an area where things are staring to look up or have never looked grimmer, we did actually find some tools to help you deal with the current (and any future) disaster.

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Topics: selling medical inventory, healthcare, reallocation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, crime in healthcare, buying medical supplies, coronavirus, ppe, covid-19, hospital logistics, healthcare supply chain, loss and expiration avoidance, predictive analytics, medical devices, pharmacy inventory