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Five To Save | Can You Throw Away Five Days A Year?

The Z5 Piggy Bank is throwing away 5 days a year because it's not very tech savvy.

You probably couldn't afford to get one day behind, let alone five. Because you've got enough going on at work to distract you.

(That's right. Gifs are back, baby.)

But one of the articles we ran across this week says your problems with technology are ruining your productivity. 

1. A study from Accenture shows that a "lack of data literacy costs 5 days of productivity" annually. 

And it's no wonder. With even the experts disagreeing about where we should be on healthcare data policy, how are the rest of us supposed to navigate it? 

2. The government claims individuals worrying about privacy are using "scare tactics ... to stop the reforms we need."

You're probably in the same position as most other healthcare supply chain folks we know. You don't have time to learn up on the next big thing, because you're too busy keeping plates spinning. 

3. What you need is a "better way to put out supply chain fires." 

A firefighter carries the This Is Fine dog to safety.

And one of the best ways to keep your business strong - as we've said time and again - is making and keeping good relationships with other human beings. 

4. In all your interactions and negotiations, revisit the idea - as this author did - that "everyone's got to eat." 

Keeping the human component in mind will help you in all your interactions. Not just in the supply chain, and not just in business. (Though it will probably help with both.) 

5. Be like health innovator Patricia Moore, who decided to "design for those people." 

And, though it may not help with your productivity, find a couple of reaction gifs that make you happy. (If you don't know how, add that to the list of tech you need to educate yourself on.) 

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