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Five To Save | You're Gonna Need A Bigger Antidote | June 11th, 2018

The Z5 piggy bank is attacked by a shark. A very real shark.

You might recognize some of the problems in this week's five articles, and you'll definitely recognize that the solutions will have to be pretty big.

See what surprising lessons you can learn from Walmart, Homeland Security, and - inevitably - Shark Tank.

  1. Doesn't everybody want to be just like sharks? Well, maybe the ones on Shark Tank, at least. The folks at Northwell have found a way to get their employees involved by hosting an annual Shark Tank-esque contest
  2. Here's a guide to breaking your procurement managers (and maybe yourself) from only worrying about price.
  3. If you're worried about price and value - and you should be - flex your might to make changes to your GPO.
  4. Homeland Security in West Virginia was asked if they could locate their supplies, including items as large as vehicles. They couldn't. (If this sounds familiar, get help.)
  5. And for some final, good news: Walmart is offering to pay for its employees to get degrees in supply chain.

You can take some lessons away from these five articles, can't you? At least you feel better, because you've never lost a whole car before. (Incidentally, if you have, we'd LOVE to hear that story.)


Did you like what we found? Did you find anything that we missed? PLEASE comment below, email us, etc. Tell us what you liked. What was helpful. What you’d like to see more of.


Headline photo by Z5.

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