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Five To Save | Trouble With Security? Recruiting? Expense? We Warned You. | Sep 10, 2018

The Z5 Piggy Bank Heard A Rumor From Its Friend.

Hate to say "I told you so..."

Actually, no we don't. We're trying to revolutionize the healthcare industry, and if we aren't scouting ahead for what's coming in hospital technology, logistics, and customer relationships, we're just not doing our jobs.

So we're marking this week's Five To Save with an especially self-congratulatory round-up of major publications that are covering topics you should have known about already... if you were reading this very blog. 

  1. Here's a list of features that will belong to the "Future Supply Chain." (Pay special attention to its ability to predict your supply needs, which is basically our whole deal.)
  2. The breaches haven't stopped, and they're not going to. Can you afford for the government to fix your security? (Or will you take our advice on securing your data?)
  3. Are you having trouble filling positions like everyone else in healthcare? Be prepared to raise salaries. (We provided lots of strategies for hiring here. And you can use it to get yourself one of those higher salaries, as well.) 
  4. Want to make recruiting even easier for yourself and your hires? Recruit by text. (Okay, we didn't think of this one. But it's pretty brilliant.)
  5. We talked briefly about recognizing modern slavery, but can you check for it in your supply chain? Are you even trying to?


So now who looks all ahead-of-the-curve? Hopefully you, because you've been following along with us. If not, that Subscribe button is never far away...

That's it for this edition! PLEASE comment below, email us, etc. Tell us what you liked. What was helpful. What you’d like to see more of.


Headline photo via Depositphotos / Z5.

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