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Five To Save | One Year After We Warned You ... Did You Listen?

Are these piggy banks whispering or kissing? And why does this image seem so familiar?

Last fall we followed up on five topics that constantly come up in healthcare's supply chain. Now we're following up on that follow-up.

In the last twelve months, we've greatly expanded the Z5 Reallocate and Z5 Buy solutions in hospitals across the country. We've undertaken massive projects with results that were encouraging from a cost-prevention and humanitarian perspective. And we've been recognized as industry experts. 

So why didn't you listen to us when we warned you about...

  1. The future of healthcare. (We called for some major improvements at the end of last year. But they're seeming more futuristic now than they did just a few months ago.)
  2. The horror show that is healthcare cybersecurity. (Look, we can only harp on this so much without becoming a security blog. But maybe take our advice and find secure partner companies.)
  3. Hiring and retaining qualified talent. (And a big part of that is finding diverse voices that contribute diverse perspectives.)
  4. Advancements in the industry making a wider pool of professionals more widely available. (So competition for jobs - and for professionals to fill them - will become tighter.)
  5. Crime in this industry that's supposed to help people. (It's unfortunately widespread, and that won't change until the most dedicated of us start being more proactive about it.)


If you did listen, then great. Please join us in pitying those who refuse to adapt to the evolving landscape of healthcare and its supply chain. 

Because the only thing that hasn't changed are the people who hope that nothing will change. 


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