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Welcome Livingston Inventory Services to the Z5 Inventory Family

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With the acquisition of Livingston Inventory Services, more than forty new healthcare facilities will now be able to conduct supply chain management tasks using the award-winning inventory optimization solutions available from Z5 Inventory. Livingston Inventory Services (LIS) serviced some of the largest healthcare providers on the East Coast. 

Our CEO, Carl Natenstedt, sees this as a great step forward for Z5. "We are excited to expand our presence in the Northeast. Most importantly, we look forward to adding a number of great health systems to our network of industry partners."  

A larger and more diverse number of connected facilities significantly enhances our inventory management optimization platform to help our partners reach their savings goals. Healthcare providers use our software and services to: 

  • Count on-hand inventory and identify supplies at risk of expiration. 
  • Reallocate at-risk supplies between facilities to reach savings goals. 
  • Buy low-cost medical supplies according to need. 

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"The already-high standard of service we provide to our partner hospitals will only improve with the addition of Z5 Inventory’s software, staff and solutions," says Jeff King, former CEO of Livingston Inventory Services. 

Jeff will now be our Director of Operations Northeast. Joining him in the transition will be the LIS inventory services team that has been operating in healthcare facilities for more than a decade. 

Carl adds: "It’s important to us that our new partner hospitals experience no interruption to their planned inventory management activities." 

All healthcare providers who have used LIS staff and software to count and value their medical supplies will be able to use the same staff for future projects. Each facility will benefit from new access to the software and services available exclusively to Z5 Inventory partners: 

  • A mobile app and web dashboard for rapid data capture and reporting. 
  • A comprehensive, industry-wide database of medical and surgical product data. 
  • Automatic recommendations for inventory optimization, including medical supply expiration avoidance

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Carl further points out: "We couldn’t be happier to welcome these new health care providers into Z5 Inventory’s network of partners. The more facilities connect to each other, the more each facility will save." 

Want to see how you might be able to improve your medical supply management using Z5 Inventory's app or its staff? 

Let us give you a free demo and customized risk analysis to identify how much of your supplies might be headed for expiration. 


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