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Five To Save | What Would You Do With $12 Million?

What would you do with an extra $12 Million? The Z5 Piggy Bank is swimming in it.

(We'd buy a pig pen made of diamonds. It wouldn't feel good, but it would feel fancy.)

By now there's a good chance you've seen the Navigant study about the waste in healthcare's supply chain. If for some reason you haven't been listening to us when we said that US providers waste $5 Billion every year due just to expiration, maybe you'll listen to them when they say US healthcare has a $25 Billion supply chain problem. 

They further broke that down to say that each hospital could be saving $12.1 Million annually. 

With $12.1 Million, you could start up 25 Cold Stone Creamery franchises. Or buy 300 hideous Tesla Cybertrucks. Or you could hire more than 150 additional clinicians

Regardless you won't have to spend anything on this blog. We're offering up the rest of the Top 5 articles from the last week for free: 

  1. We'd be remiss if we didn't at least mention the Google / Ascension data sharing story. Which is totally legal and happens all the time. But - as the whistleblower asks - should it be? 
  2. What do hospitals and farms have in common? There are a lot fewer of them now than they used to be, and the approach to managing each has undergone some strikingly similar changes. 
  3. The good great news is that healthcare is the strongest part of the US economy
  4. You know what program kind of sucks? Excel
  5. But it's a big step up from the fax machines and pagers that are still an epidemic in hospitals. 

We don't even want to calculate how many pagers we could get for $12.1 Million. Because the number we would buy would remain the same: 0.

As always, our email subscribers get one EXTRA article for EXTRA free. (You might have noticed that there tends to be slightly more than five articles in our Top 5. Basically every time.)  



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