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Five To Save | It's Easier Not To Do The Work


The Z5 Piggy Bank sits all alone, very sad, because it can't ask for help.

It can often feel like you're just a small, disconnected part of healthcare overall - that what you do doesn't impact the success or failure of your healthcare organization. 

Maybe you feel that only one cog in the machine that churns out healthier patients. Or you could feel like, no matter how many patients you make healthier, there will be more heading into that machine. 

Or you could read some of the articles we read this week and think, "It doesn't matter what I do, because people will always need healthcare. 

  1. Patients have a positive view of healthcare, regardless of price
  2. It's also worth noting - in response to the last Five To Save - patients trust the healthcare industry to protect their data

But healthcare isn't just a business. It's also a service. Hospitals don't just just have a captive audience. They also have an obligation to their communities. 

Look at those stories - and these others - more carefully. 

  1. Patients are increasingly concerned about the price of the healthcare they receive. 
  2. Patients do not trust hospitals to protect their data. And the evidence supports them. 
  3. Patients are right to have concerns about how hospitals are run. Because waste is so endemic to healthcare that thousands of kidneys are thrown away every year. 
  4. And what's the reason that healthcare tech is betraying patients' trust? It could be the healthcare workers who are using it
  5. Why is it crucial for your patients not just to come to you - but to trust you? Because when communities don't trust healthcare, it endangers their health. 

So, yes, maybe your community will keep coming to you for care. But you can provide a better version of that care. 

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Written by Alex Diamond

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