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Five To Save | Did Oracle Solve The Healthcare Blockchain Puzzle? | Oct. 30, 2018

The Z5 Piggy Bank Tries To Solve An Impossible Puzzle.

The only answer is the most disappointing one: "Maybe?" 

We've been over and over the problem of blockchain in healthcare. It's an exciting technology with a lot of upsides, but no one wants to be the first provider to risk using it. So what does healthcare need in order to start trusting blockchain? 

A giant, historied computing company offering catered blockchain services might do the trick.

  1. Oracle - the software juggernaut - has unveiled four distinct blockchain services.
  2. But we still need a strong case study for blockchain in health.
  3. And blockchain is just one of several technologies poised to disrupt healthcare.
  4. Adaptation to technology like blockchain is lagging across healthcare. But you can help update your organization. 
  5. Just follow one of the good examples on Time Magazine's list of 50 people transforming healthcare.

Don't feel too bad if you didn't make Time's list. There's still a simple way to influence and disrupt healthcare at the national level: vote to change the supply chain.


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Headline photo by Z5.

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