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Five To Save | Why Does Everyone Want To Clean Up Healthcare?

Everyone wants to clean up healthcare and the Z5 Piggy Bank along with it.

It seems like everyone has a miracle fix for US hospitals. Can hospitals not help themselves? 

Before we go too much further: yes, we realize we're a solution provider and not a healthcare provider. But we're not talking about the industries that directly support the healthcare industry. What struck us this week were the companies - many of them familiar faces at this point - that think they can apply their business models to healthcare. 

The usual suspects include... 

  1. UPS, which unveiled a host of new services specifically built to support healthcare's supply chain, including expanding its facilities capable of handling surgical instruments
  2. Amazon, which has folded yet another healthcare startup into its offerings, potentially steering itself toward the telehealth market. 
  3. Disruption doesn't need to be bad. But when it's rolled out without considering the landscape, mistakes are made. Like this widely-used algorithm that's putting Black patients' health at risk. 
  4. So how do we make sure we're implementing positive changes? Well, it's not enough to measure your results. You have to understand what you're measuring and why
  5. Because hospitals have unique analytics and reporting needs.

That last part's no surprise to us. We know better than most that every healthcare facility does things just a little bit differently. 

Eventually - as every separate part of healthcare starts working more closely together - that will change. Until then, you need a company that will tailor their solution to the reality you're facing. 

It's not help if it's not helping. 


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