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Five To Save | Be Transparent To Be Successful | Oct. 22, 2018

The Piggy Bank Hides Among Surgical Product.

The more your customer can see what you're doing, the more they'll trust you. 

And it couldn't hurt to weed out the things that you're doing that you'd rather they didn't see. Right? 

Another week, another hospital merger.* Another batch of politicians screaming about healthcare. And another Neanderthal receiving healthcare. 

Wait, um. That can't be... Y'know what, let's just get to it.

  1. The future's looking bright for companies partnered with Baylor Scott & White (like us), since BSW and Memorial Hermann Health System decided to merge.*
  2. Surely that new system will benefit from these tips on reducing waste in the supply chain.
  3. Oh, and so should you. Because this survey revealed that hospitals are overpaying for their supply chain to the tune of $25 Billion.
  4.  That's something the consumer just won't stand for. Another thing, according to this (pretty scathing) opinion piece is a lack of transparency
  5. And, just because we thought it was pretty cool, here's more evidence that Neanderthals had pretty sophisticated healthcare. For Neanderthals.


*Interestingly, though, hospital restructurings of this nature are actually down from this time last year.


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Headline photo via Depositphotos / Z5.

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