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Five To Save | Mergers, Moves, and ... More Amazon | Mar 7th, 2018


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Hi All!

Big changes continue take place in the industry at a breakneck pace. Updates are continuing to trickle in from the Amazon announcement as their intentions and potential benefits become more clear. In addition, the announcement continues to have ripple effects in the context of mergers and moves to keep up with. We are tracking it all for you! Here are our "Five To Save" articles:

  1. Bon Secours and Mercy Health are the latest to announce a big merger.
  2. Walgreens and AmerisourceBergen will combine in what appears to be a reaction to Amazon's moves.
  3. Steward to relocate top execs to Dallas to support westward expansion.
  4. 7 new things we know since the Amazon announcement.
  5. What benefits should a CFO expect from Amazon's entry into healthcare?
BONUS:  Which technology on the horizon has the chance to have the biggest impact on healthcare?

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