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Five To Save | When Government and Healthcare Fight, We All Lose

Pggy Banks representing healthcare and government clash. 

Regardless of who you are, when these two titans clash, it affects you in profound ways.

The last time we talked about the government’s role in healthcare, we compared it to someone who will fight for the good of the people but isn’t afraid of the collateral damage caused along the way. Maybe that was a little unfair. But there's certainly fallout whenever they drop a policy bomb. 

So let’s look at some of the intended and unintended consequences of some government decisions that have been all over our news feeds lately.

  1. While tech makes mergers more appealing, government decisions – regardless of what they are – are bad for M&A activity, because they point to industry instability. (We can see that already in UCSF terminating its agreement with Dignity Health).
  2. Just what is exactly is the government’s current (and upcoming) healthcare policy? Here’s a broad overview.
  3. Of course the government needs insight from the clinical community when making decisions. Good thing there’s at least one female doctor in Congress.
  4. While you probably agree that only one female doctor in Congress is not enough, would you also agree that – in a field made employing more women than men – that there also should be more female healthcare CEOs?
  5. And who wouldn’t want to be a healthcare CEO? They’re topping salary lists once again. But the lack of succession planning might be putting that money to waste.


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