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Five To Save | The Future Of Pharma Is Female | Aug 27, 2018

The Z5 Piggy Bank holding a boardroom meeting.

More than pharmaceuticals, actually, but "healthcare supply chain" doesn't flow quite as nicely.

As you may remember from the last Five To Save, gender parity in healthcare is pretty far-off. But it's getting closer. Partially thanks to efforts like these:

  1. Modern Healthcare put together this great write-up about how women have been kept out of the C-Suite and how we can get more in.
  2. Why are people in power not giving women opportunities? Maybe because, traditionally, healthcare doesn't listen to women.
  3. And it's not just traditional healthcare that's impenetrable for women. Women-led and female-focused startups struggle for funding.
  4. But here's a good news for anyone involved in the healthcare supply chain: logistics career salaries are on the rise.
  5. Finally we have an article that proves we here at Z5 are not just screaming into the abyss: Analytics Add Value to Healthcare Supply Chain.

BONUS: Something to lighten up the heaviness of what we've been reading: The Onion did a very in-depth analysis of the numbers dominating healthcare right now. Take a look:


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