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Five To Save | It's Hard To Push Things Forward When You're Afraid


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Level up. Up your game. Step Up 2: The Streets. However you want to say it, healthcare and its supply chain could use some improvements. 

It's not exactly news that the public is frustrated with healthcare in this country. We also feel safe saying that you probably think that healthcare could use some improvement. How much it wastes. How it chooses its priorities. How it's designed from the ground up. 

That one might be a little much to change all at once. To get started, let's look at some examples of what other people in our industry are doing to bring healthcare and its supply chain to the next level.  

  1. Stop worrying about what your competition might do and start building ways to improve to the level of - then above and beyond - the competition. 

  2. Start looking to the examples of forward-thinking companies and communities. We might be biased, but we thought this feature on the tech-forward healthcare of Austin was pretty solid.

  3. Progress is being made in bringing gender parity to healthcare, but we're still further from the finish line (and other industries) than we should be.

  4. Are you concerned about the kind of cybersecurity threats that hit supply chains and even the US Navy? It's a disaster no different from a tornado. Start preparing for an attack now so you won't be scrambling when one strikes. 

  5. What we need is vision. Seeing what the future ought to be like. Speaking out when we see healthcare that doesn't meet our standards, like these Detroit whistleblowers. (And don't get discouraged if you face opposition.)


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Alex Diamond

Written by Alex Diamond

Raised in the armpit of East Texas before escaping to the civilization of Austin, Alex is an author and former radio/podcast personality. If you ever run into him, ask him about the day he split his pants in front of the Lone Ranger.