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How to Take a Bad Inventory Count

Year after year some hospital supply chain staff use the same process to complete their inventory counts. Additionally, systems and networks often allow their hospitals to complete their counts by whatever process they're comfortable with. These processes often end up causing employees to work countless hours and be paid overtime, causing many hospitals to lose thousands of dollars of revenue.

Below are a few highlights of what a bad inventory count process looks like and the negative impact it can have on a hospital, system or network over time.
1. Using outdated paper count sheets and spreadsheets
2. Not having the all inventory items loaded onto a master file before each count
3. Having volunteers from your staff take the counts over extended periods of time
4. Putting all of the count items manually into an Excel spreadsheet
5. Allowing different hospitals and systems to use whatever process they want to complete their inventory counts
6. Counting expired items
7. Using scanners and other outdated technology
8. Not using a solution that provides real-time data
9. Waiting 2 or 3 weeks after a count is completed to get a valuation, which will likely be inaccurate

If your hospital, system or network is using an outdated process or your process includes any of the points mentioned above, wouldn't it be better to use technology and solutions custom-built to what you need?

Contact us today and learn how you can transform your inventory count process. You will never take a bad inventory count ever again! 


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