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Looking Ahead At 2016

A new year has begun, and we know many of you are now heading back to work and getting ready for all the different tasks, projects and challenges that lie ahead for 2016. Some of you enjoy completing your work using the same strategies you've been using for years, while others will look for a new or more efficient way to complete your next project.

For the Materials and Supply Chain Managers out there who are looking for a faster, more accurate and easier way to complete your next count, we want to remind you about our innovative platform - Z5 Count, Reallocate, and Buy. These services were designed specifically to streamline perpetual and periodic inventory counts and make your job easier! So before you take your next count, please consider Z5 Inventory. We promise you that you will never take another inventory count the old-fashioned way ever again!

Happy 2016,
The Z5 Inventory Team

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Matthew Padon

Written by Matthew Padon

Vice President, Sales at Z5 Inventory