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Amazon Prime Day for Medical and Surgical Supplies


Why wait all year for savings you need now?

Why wait for one day a year to get great deals, when you could be saving on every order you place? Everybody's a-tizzy for Prime Day - whether it's to save money, watch a concert, or walk off the job - but there's a real shortage of hype around healthcare's version of Amazon. Maybe because a place where you can conveniently place orders for medical and surgical supplies - everything from sutures to Synthes and beyond - hasn't existed. 

Till now. 

Shop around Buy.Z5Inventory.com today. Not because we put any special sale on. But because we don't need to. Our prices on your favorite products are so low that you'll need to grab all the catheters, stents, and blades you can before someone else does. 

And if you're impressed with the savings, you'll be even more impressed with our ability to predict what you'll need and exactly when you'll need it, then set up automated alerts and orders to make sure you get it. Email orders@Z5Inventory.com and see if we can't make your procurement process easier. 

So stop trying to save 5% on pens shaped like syringes and bones (although, let's be fair, those are great). Go over to Buy.Z5Inventory.com and save hundreds - if not more - on your next supplies order. 


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