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Five To Save | New Year, New Resolutions for Healthcare's Supply Chain

The Z5 Piggy Bank is drowning in excess medical product - a problem you should eliminate in 2020.

Don't let anyone else tell you what's coming in 2020. You decide.

Our last Five To Save of 2019 was full of predictions for 2020. But let's do one better than that. Let's make some New Year's Resolutions. 

The healthcare industry is either up for some massive changes or more of the same, depending on who you ask.  The truth is that it's probably a mix of both. But that's not entirely up to industry disruptors and government regulators. 

You get to choose, too. 

So this year let's all resolve to...

  1. Manage risk better and source more responsibly
  2. Worry less about what Amazon is doing and start implementing Amazon-like capabilities at healthcare facilities instead. 
  3. Stop framing the provider-patient relationship as adversarial.
  4. Start treating all patients with equal care and consideration. 
  5. Lower the cost of healthcare.*


*There's been a lot of debate around the term "poll tax" in connection with this announcement, when we should be discussing the conclusions these experts reached. So here's your bonus resolution for this year: focus on what matters. 

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