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Version 2.5 - The Fastest, Most Efficient Way to Count and Value Medical Supply - Is Now Available

Introducing Z5 Inventory's App Version 2.5.

We recently dropped Version 2.5 of the Z5 Inventory Platform and App, eliminating the need for archaic, inaccurate paper counts and enabling the identification of slow and excess inventory for the purpose of expiration avoidance.   

Version 2.5 is the culmination of feedback from hundreds of inventories and customer conversations. The result is the fastest, most efficient way for a medical provider to identify and value their medical supply. The app eliminates paper count sheets and painful roll-ups of handwritten data. Results are presented in real time with inventory-over-inventory comparisons by general ledger, department, location, and SKU. In addition, the Z5 Inventory Platform and App will provide data to help providers identify slow and excess clinical inventory before it expires and recommend strategies for reallocating product. Inventories are taken on iPads for periodic and cycle counts at acute care hospitals and systems.  

Z5 Inventory Platfrom Version 2.5  - Settings Z5 Inventory Platfrom Version 2.5 - Count Sheet Z5 Inventory Platfrom Version 2.5 - Summary

What's New in Version 2.5:

  • A UI redesign for easier navigation and data entry
  • A green in-progress dot for sections already being audited
  • Sections close-outs and uploads are easier
  • Offline Mode has been improved for areas with weak WiFi
  • The download process has been streamlined for large datasets
  • A feedback form in the application
  • The ability to sort by inventory value for auditor
  • The ability to add missing counts by auditor
We recognize the enormous opportunity our providers have to create a savings opportunity for themselves with expiration avoidance. The key to all of this is fast and accurate data collection. Version 2.5 provides a completely revamped data collection experience that focuses on increasing the speed at which the inventory is taken.

Thanks to your feedback, Z5 Inventory has been able to continue its commitment to deliver the easiest and most reliable method for identifying and valuing inventory. Z5 Inventory Version 2.5 can be previewed here and is available for immediate download at the Apple App Store.


Headline photo via Depositphotos / Z5.

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