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Your Inventory Is Looking A Little Sketchy

Z5 Inventory's Animated Overview of their Inventory Platform.Luckily we know some people who might be able to help.

Now it wasn't so long ago that we had our CEO Carl remind you of the dangers of product expiration. But you didn't listen, did you? Whether it was because you were distracted by emails or Carl's animal magnetism, you didn't pay attention to his warnings.

If you looked on all your shelves right now, would you find 0 expired items? 

Well maybe this animated tour of the Z5 Inventory Platform will be a better way for you to learn that, with the help of Z5, you won't have to look at your shelves in the first place. You'll know exactly what you have so you can Reallocate it before it ever hits that expiration point.



Headline photo by Z5.

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