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Revving The App Right Up To The Red Line

A custom Z5 barcode marks the addition of scanning to the app.

It may seem like it’s all fun and inventory games here at Z5, but we’re working hard all the time to make sure you have the best possible product in your hands. And to that end, let us officially unveil...
(insert trumpet sound here – but, like, a happy one, not a sad one)

Version 2.7.1!

Now you’re probably not as excited by those numbers as we are. But you should be. Because the latest update to our mobile app brings with it features that we’ve been trying to give you beautiful people from the very beginning. 

Oh, boy, it’s here. We’re implementing a new scanning feature that will let you log in to sections with a beep of that magical red line. And if we can start scanning section labels, who knows what else we’ll be able to scan soon…

Adding Sections
You’re now able to create an inventory section while you’re standing right in front of it. Create or edit a section in-app, snap a picture of where you’re counting to make it even easier to identify, and even print out one of those handy section label barcodes from a Zebra printer! That way next time you can use that handy scan function to zoom right in. 

Identifying Locations
Even if you’re counting items in order – and you definitely are, since you’re so smart and responsible – finding an item the next time you go into a section can be a time-consuming process. So we created an in-app end-of-shelf indicator. That makes it possible to view exact item locations in the inventory search or count sheet next go-around.

And, sure, we included some of those pesky bug fixes that aren’t any fun for us or you. You just want an app that makes your Count and Reallocate as easy as possible. And we’re giving that to you every time.


Happy scanning! 


Headline photo by Z5.

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