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Hospitals Are Bogged Down With Too Many Inventory Management Methods

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Are you sure that the methods you're using to count and audit your supplies are the most effective?

Given the fact that it's a short week and that it's short in the first place because of Labor Day, we won't make you put much work into reading this week's blog. It's short and to the point: you could be getting more out of inventory management. 

Think about all the different areas and types of inventory that a healthcare facility needs to stock and monitor. Medical and surgical supplies. Medical devices. Pharmacy inventory. That's just the shallow end of the pool, but based on our experience, you're already using half a dozen different methods of tracking the supplies in these areas, depending on where they are currently stored and what time of year it is. 

If you're not using the same system to cycle count that you're using to conduct your annual inventory valuation, you're wasting time and resources. You're also missing out on insights that you could be using to meet your savings goals. 

Luckily for you, Z5 Inventory helps healthcare providers with more than their year-end valuation. (You saw where this was going, right?) 

You can use the Z5 Inventory mobile app and web dashboard to...

  • cycle count 
  • replace your annual count with cycle counts 
  • track high-dollar inventory & devices 
  • update perpetual inventory areas 
  • find destinations for product left behind due to conversion, clinician departure, or facility shutdown

Oh, wow. That's a lot. What, that's not enough? Want more? 

See All The Ways  You Can Use Z5



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