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Five To Save | So You Made A Mistake

The Z5 Piggy Bank got a boo boo. But it's what the piggy does next that's important.

You had an accident. You made a boo boo. You done goofed. So what're you going to do about it?

We wanted to talk this week about when it doesn't work. Hopefully your failure wasn't due to negligence. Hopefully you were active and trying to innovate. Though we understand how hard it is to roll the dice on a new technology, product, or policy, because there are consequences if it doesn't deliver. 

The danger is that we become so risk-averse, so discouraged by the failure, that we never try anything new. That would be bad for an industry supporter like Z5, because it would mean no healthcare providers would be willing to give us a chance to prove ourselves. (Which we can.) 

But it would be even more damaging for healthcare itself. Because it would mean that what's broken stays broken. And if nobody bothers to patch up the hole because they're afraid of making it worse, at some point the ship is going to sink. 

Let's see what the experts have to say. 

  1. Digital transformation fails most of the time. It's a rough truth, but it's worth considering so you don't repeat others' mistakes. (Or your own.) 
  2. There's a right and a wrong way to implement new tech. The wrong way distances your patients from you
  3. If enough failures stack on top of each other, a whole hospital can close. In fact, dozens close every year. And here are the consequences of that
  4. And in the worst of cases, healthcare fails the people it's supposed to heal. It's happening on a such a staggering scale that the WHO spoke out against patient harm
  5. What's one area where all supply chains - particularly healthcare's - are currently failing? Sustainability. But how do you fix that? You can't improve if you don't measure your success first. 

Failure is important. Failure ought to motivate us to keep from failing the next time. It's worth seeing where other institutions (or you) have stumbled. 

After all, why do we fall


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