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Five To Save | Time Is Flying, And It's Taking Your Money With It

FTS - time five o clock

It still feels weird every time we type 2019. We keep asking ourselves: "Where did the time go?"How you spend your time is important. And we do mean "spend." You're being paid to do your job, just like your coworkers and subordinates are. Every second that someone at your healthcare system is spending on a menial task is money down the drain. 

But it's difficult to know which projects are worth your time and which ones just end up wasting it. Our five articles this week focus on what you'll probably find most successful. And what hasn't been successful for others so that you can avoid it.

  1. Want to use your time more efficiently? Leverage data to see the future. Stop problems before they ever start.
  2. The key to solving those problems isn't spending more money, by the way. 
  3. Which helps explain why many healthcare providers are moving away from mergers and acquisitions
  4. But if you're looking to make investments yourself, first invest in a workplace that values diversity
  5. Second - and this is so weird that anyone would suggest such a thing - you might want to invest in healthcare startups

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