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Five To Save | More Money, More Problems. Less Money, More Problems, Too.

The Z5 Piggy Bank is sad about its empty wallet.  

Money talks. Money never sleeps. Money can’t buy me love. We’re told a lot about what money can and can’t do. We’re also told... 

There’s no question about it. Hospitals – particularly the supply chain – are under pressure to reduce costs. So it’s no surprise that most of the articles we ran across this week went straight for the wallet.

  1. The stock market reacted wildly to speculation about the future of healthcare. First it seemed like everybody was going to take a hit. And now we’re not so sure.
  2. In inventory management, volatility can be particularly damaging because of the troubled relationship between Finance and Supply Chain.
  3. We can safely place part of the blame and thanks on ongoing mergers and acquisitions activity. (By the way, it seems like some institutions are better prepared for M&A than others.)
  4. The good news? Jobs in healthcare are up. The bad news? Wages are not. (Unless you’re a CEO.)
  5. Consumers want to give healthcare money, as it turns out. They just want it to be easier and more digital. (They also want easy access to pricing online, but that’s a long way off.)


Our best advice to you in this world where cash is king:


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