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Z5 Inventory's Success Honored With Top Supply Chain Award

Trophies for first, second, and third accompany the announcement of Z5 Inventory winning an industry award.

Allow us to brag on ourselves for a minute.

"It's been a roller coaster" seems like a great way to describe 2020 in supply chain. Because "roller coaster" can cover everything from this: 

to this: 

So we've got to celebrate the victories where we find them. Here at Z5 Inventory's Remote HQ, we're proud to announce a few things. 


We have been able to continue working in hospitals across the country, and we have yet to see any COVID-19 cases across our teams. That can be attributed largely to following strict guidelines for what precautions we take in and out of the facilities where we're working. 

Listen to the latest episode of Take 5: An Inventory Series above to hear about the successes we've had lately (and how you can implement similar policies to boost success at your facilities). 



Supply and Demand Chain Executive publishes an annual list of the top 100 supply chain projects and initiatives, and Z5 Inventory was named to the 2020 SDCE100

Here's SDCE's description of what it takes to make the list
The 2020 SDCE100 award focuses on the industry’s most successful and transformative projects over the last year. These collaborations have delivered value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions, offering a forward-looking perspective as new opportunities—and new struggles—arise.

We're honored that these supply chain experts saw the value in our most recent project helping Steward Health Care prevent millions of dollars' worth of medical products from expiring. (We'll have much more to announce on that front in the coming weeks. Watch this space.) 



When we heard about #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain, we knew we needed to become a founding partner.

The aim of this unwieldy hashtag is to spread awareness of - and advocate for - the vast number of links in healthcare's supply chain. It's not just the manufacturers that make products and the hospitals who buy them. There's a giant array of individuals and entities that make the supply chain possible - and an even larger number to make it run well. 

So if you want to raise awareness of what you need to improve the state of healthcare logistics, check out the website, start using the hashtag, and maybe even order a t-shirt


Coming together and promoting the good we're doing in our local communities, along with the larger community of healthcare and supply chain workers, is crucial to all of our success. And our sanity, especially now. 

So if you have a supply chain success story that you want to share, reach out. We'd love to feature you here and on our podcast & video series Take 5


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