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Your Vendors Need To Be Prepared For Your Protocols

A hospital vendor puts on shoe covers to meet the standards of the sterile facility.

Whether it's bringing their own masks or knowing where they're free to go within the facility, any hospital partner needs to be prepared before they walk through the door.

The coronavirus crisis has thrown into sharp relief the difference between reliable vendors and those who are just in healthcare for the quick buck. From the problems of verifiable sourcing to a lack of etiquette in sterile environments, the rules have never been more difficult or important to enforce. 

Since our project managers and executives have been able to enter hospitals across the country and have seen the adjustments taking place facility-by-facility, we wanted to share some of our observations with you. 

Partially we thought it was important to educate other vendors who haven't returned to hospitals since restrictions were put in place. You want them meeting your standards without bugging you for every little thing. 

And partially we thought it was important that you and your peers - whether they're coming from another department or another healthcare system entirely - to hear about some of the requirements we've run into, then see which ones are going to be valuable at your facility. 

A crucial part of this process will be standardization, as discussed by our VP of Operations and Client Services, Curtis Detrich, in the latest episodes of Take 5: An Inventory Series

As always, the episodes are just 5 minutes each, so it won't take long to listen to these two especially important ones below (or subscribe on your favorite podcast service). 

Here's our episode on vendor preparedness: 


And here's Part 2, which deals with etiquette and protocols while actively working in healthcare facilities:  


If you have any further requirements that you're using, or standardization that you'd like to see from vendors and others in the healthcare industry, absolutely let us know! We're always looking for feedback. 

As long as it comes from at least 6 feet away. Because we've got standards, too. 


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