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What You Missed At The End Of The Year | Five To Save


The Z5 Piggy Bank is wearing 2021 New Year's glasses.

If you're like us, you hit Mark Read on all the news emails that came in while you were out - whether you were out the entire holiday season or just over the weekend. So we've got you covered.

No need to waste time wading through the news you've missed because you've been busy taking care of the whole world (and occasionally yourself). We found the five articles that you'll need to catch up this week.

(Technically that's what we do in every Five To Save, but this time it feels special.) 

  1. While we won't have super accurate COVID-19 case numbers for a while - other than knowing that they're high, even compared to the rest of 2020 - the Washington Post does, at least, have a constantly updated counter of vaccinations.

  2. Speaking of vaccinations, they're going to be difficult to find in areas where pharmacies are not within walking distance. That usually means poorer areas.

  3. And rural areas are going to have a hard time finding healthcare this year, partially because rural hospitals closed at an alarming rate last year, and partially because rural healthcare workers are leaving.

  4. On the individual healthcare worker level, a few stories jumped out:
    1. A Black doc died of COVID-19 because of, she claimed, racism in the administration of healthcare.
    2. A Beth Israel nurse tried to source PPE for her colleagues. She was suspended. 
    3. A pharmacist purposely damaged doses of coronavirus vaccines because of a conspiracy theory. 

  5. And (as if you needed more to worry about) the WHO says that the coronavirus crisis isn't "the big one." 

Part of us wishes we'd just stayed home. And, literally, as many people as possible should still be doing that. Metaphorically, though, if we check out, that doesn't help anybody stay safe or get better. 

So let's make 2021 the year of showing up. 


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Alex Diamond

Written by Alex Diamond

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