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Emergency Sourcing: Be Careful Who You Trust

The Z5 Piggy Bank once again welcomes you to the Take 5: An Inventory Series podcast.

Too many suppliers are promising too much product that's too good to be true. So we've got some steps you can take to avoid getting burned.

Our second Take 5: An Inventory Series episode deals with careful sourcing.

Because we certainly don't trust all of the suppliers coming out of nowhere claiming that they have PPE supplies available and on the cheap. 

For example: we encountered one supplier who wanted cash upfront so that they could start production, then change the price of the supplies being offered once they had the product manufactured. And we haven't been looking nearly as long or as far and wide as most hospitals, so we can only imagine some of the horror stories. 

Here's some practical advice for vetting the secondhand market suppliers you run across. 




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For this episode, we drew on this call from a healthcare CEO to stop price gouging and stories like this one about scammers offering fake supplies to affected hospitals. 

We have more episodes coming about how some methods of emergency preparedness might actually make a hospital more vulnerable when a crisis finally hits.

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