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What Z5 Inventory Accomplished In The Year Of The Pig

A collage of pig pictures from 2019 to celebrate the wrap-up of the Year of the Pig.

If somehow we failed to make you aware, for the past twelve months, you've been living in the Year of the Pig. But that's coming to an end.

2019 was the Year of the Pig, and the Z5 Piggy Bank is celebrating with its fellow pigs, but that's coming to a close.Friday, January 24th, 2020 is Chinese New Year's Eve and the last day of the Year of the Pig. 

We tried to make the Year of the Pig extra special to honor our long-suffering mascot and stock photo model, the Piggy Bank. (For the curious, since we formed in early 2015, Z5 Inventory's zodiac sign is actually the GOAT. Which seems fitting.) 

But there were several other milestones that made 2019 a banner year for Z5. 


The Z5 Piggy Bank sits on the podium that presides over AHRMM19 in anticipation of the presentation "The Culture of Change."You might have seen us at AHRMM, presenting the panel on The Culture of Change. It's a topic near and dear to our hearts, because if you don't change the negative habits that have led to excess supplies piling up on the shelf, you only make the problem worse. 

We were joined by friends and partners at Centura and Bon Secours Mercy, who also had presentations this year - about defragmenting the supply chain and partnering with reliable secondary market supply vendors - that we were happy to support. Improving the healthcare supply chain is our passion. (Yes, we're big nerds.) 


A child affected by HIV/AIDS receives care from Cherish Uganda thanks to supplies from Z5 Inventory.On a front where we want to do more and more work in the future, we helped 18 pallets of medical and surgical supplies make their way from a Steward hospital to in-need communities around the world. We're particularly proud of our partnerships with Project C.U.R.E. and Cherish Uganda that made this possible. 

On the personal front, we were happy to move to a bigger headquarters and warehouse in Austin. (Okay, the physical moving process doesn't make anyone happy, but we love having more space for more staff so we can bring our partners more savings.) 


The Z5 Piggy Bank is on a shelf full of excess and expired product that could have been transformed into savings. All of this happened because we were able to help hospitals across the country save millions of dollars by moving, selling, and donating their inventory before it expired. Just because the Year of the Pig is over doesn't mean those savings are going anywhere. 

We're sad to see the Pig go, but according to our horoscope, the Rat means big things for Z5. We'll achieve business success in 2020 as long as we work steadily and stubbornly. Which sounds about right.  

Happy Year of the Rat, everyone. 


(And don't worry -- we'll still have plenty of piggy banks to give away to all of our favorite savings-minded supply chain pros. Find us at AHRMM, HFMA, or our Contact page to claim yours.) 


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